When Trouble Pours

Warning: The story is gross. Precaution is advised. – And a bit long. Last June, I and my partner moved to a new home. The former house is old and it is at its peak – like it’s almost going to tear down any minue or days or weeks. Plus, cockroaches and mini-mouse are slowlyContinue reading “When Trouble Pours”

A Three-Minute Charm

Busy at work. Less time for family and friends. No time for self-care. We all have days where tears just shed, anxious and weary about various things. And you know why – you are tired, but you have got a lot of things to complete. Sometimes, you just have to cancel your plans, and sadly,Continue reading “A Three-Minute Charm”

Colors and Promises

Could you think of something that best represents yourself? What is it? How do you feel whenever you see it? Does it gives you the tickle, the cringe, the tears? I had a very interesting teacher in high school. One day in class, she asked us to go out and get something that would reflectContinue reading “Colors and Promises”

What am I doing?

Ever asked yourself this question? I do. So many times. I always love to do something. My biggest struggle is how to begin. Thoughts of me writing stories, making vlogs, creating my own personal page, selling this and that… the list just goes on and on. But time passes and never a step is taken.Continue reading “What am I doing?”

The Stranger In Me

You might be similar to me. A person who dreams that others will appreciate. A person whose words and expressions have to be perfect so I won’t sound offensive, rude and what not. A person who they would say they admire. But you know what happened? Because of trying hard so much – I endContinue reading “The Stranger In Me”

Get Better Day by Day

Criticism. A word that could either pain and scar your soul or boost and enrich your well-being. Have  you ever imagined life without being compared to anyone? Or without others telling you how you should say or do things? Being compared? “You are incompetent.” “She is better than you.” “You are no match with her.”Continue reading “Get Better Day by Day”

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